Make Your Child Learn Language Skills in a Fun Way
Phonics Learning & Spoken English Classes

Nurturing Kids to "Read & Speak Fluently" !

Phonics & Reading Course

Age 3 - 8 Years

Spoken English Course

Age 6 - 10 years

Why Learn on FunWinKids ?


Talented Teachers

Highly Skilled & Industry's Top Picks 


Reading & Spoken English

Kids become fluent Readers & Speakers


60 Minutes Sessions

Learnings best absorbed in a 60 mins Sessions


Covers Everything

Vocabulary, Spellings & Pronunciations Skills etc.


Extra Efforts

Teacher works on Kids

Behaviour & Moral Development

Get a Free Online Counselling Session for Your Child
(Limited Free Counselling Session. On first come first serve basis)



Fluent Readers

1-1 & 1- 4 phonics based learning classes to make your child

Read Fluently


Fluent Speakers

Customized 1-1 & 1-6 Spoken English Classes to make your child Speak Fluently


Benefits of Our Programs

Language Skills

Phonics Sounds
Reading Skills
Speaking Skills
Words Spellings 

Vocabulary Building

Listening Skills
Enhanced Focus

Instilling Virtues

Cultural Skills
Sharpen Memory
Good Learner            
Social Skills
Behavioural Issues
Problem Solving
Logical Thinkers

A Passionate Teacher
Is Worth The World to Your Child

गुरुर्ब्रह्मा गुरुर्विष्णु र्गुरुर्देवो महेश्वरः
गुरु साक्षात परब्रह्मा तस्मै श्रीगुरवे नमः

We Truly know the importance of a Teacher in a Student's Life.

That's Why  

"Our mission is to Teach Kids through Passionate Hearts & Minds"

Parents Experience at FunWinKids


Ramanya Dev, Mumbai

I am having a good experience till now, My child Sheren has attended 10 classes and enjoys her sessions a lot. She also loves playing learning games in the session. And eagerly waits for the classes to attend.

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Amit Pandey & Rinki Pandey

"I have very astonishing experience with FunWinKids, my child "Darsh" started talking in English & now also doing good in his class.  I hope he will learn a lot more in this 2 year program and some of his behavioural issues will also be solved as discussed with the teacher."


Sandeep Goyal, Mathura

FunWinKids is giving a very much required service for parents who knows the importance of language skills & storytelling in a child's life.

I can say, their teachers are very skilled and polite one in dealing with our aggressive child. Our opted 1 to 1 sessions are just perfect for my child Manu.

Fun Learning Programs for Language Skills 

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Hand Picked Teachers

Top Picks from Industry

to Nurture Your Child


Learn Profoundly

Reading, Speaking, Spellings & Pronunciations Skills  Vocab & Phonics Sounds

friendship (1).png

Be Social

Kids Make New Friends 

& Become Social in the Group


Special Care

Also Works on

Behaviour & Moral Development

Fluent Readers Programs: Wondrous Stories, Great Learnings !

We have selected stories very carefully  and curated them stage &age wise, to give children right learnings & wondrous experience

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Phonics Based Reading Programs for Kids Aged 3 to 8 Years
(1 - 4 Teacher Kids Ratio)

Reading Introduction

8 Classes

✔ 7 Phonics Sounds

✔ 7 Kids Stories

✔ Vocab Building

✔ Grammar Learning

✔ Spellings Learning

✔ 1 PTM

₹3̶5̶5̶5̶    10%OFF


EMI Starts@ ₹1150/month

Comfort Readers

48 Classes

✔ 42 Phonics Sounds

✔ 40 Kids Stories

✔ Vocab Building

✔ Grammar Learning

✔ Spellings Learning

✔ 6 PTM

✔ Program Certificate

₹1̶8̶6̶6̶6̶   10%OFF


EMI Starts@ ₹2800/month

Independent Readers

96 Classes

✔ 42 Phonics Sounds

✔ Advanced Sounds

✔ 75 Kids Stories

✔ Vocab Building

✔ Grammar Learning

✔ Spellings Learning

✔ Spoken English Introduction

✔ 12 PTM

✔ Program Certificate

₹3̶4̶1̶3̶0̶   10%OFF


EMI Starts@ ₹2560/month

  EMI Option Available for All Plans 
         # (1  to 4) & (1 to 1) Session Options Available
# Cancel Anytime, "No Question Asked" Refund Policy

Unsure about which plan to choose?
Don't worry, let's discuss about your child to find out which plan is required for him/her


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Try a Demo Session at  

Book a demo session and know how our students are learning "English Reading & Speaking Skills" in a Fun Way


Broaden your child's world & make his/her future promising with early age Language Skills Program


Why Your child should learn English at Early Age & Listen to Stories?

Learning English from young age has an incredible effect on the cerebral development of a child. They will acquire a greater capacity for concentration and will be much more agile and effective at problem solving.

Another very interesting advantage is that your child will be able to efficiently multitask & will be confident through out the life.

And listening to stories boost their communication skills, moral development, imagination, memory, cultural understanding & social skills etc.