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Parenting Challenges


Understanding Your Child

  1. Preparing Your Child to Go Back to School In-Person

  2. What Is a Behavior Intervention Plan?

  3. Common Causes of Behavior Problems in Kids

  4. Talking to Toddlers

  5. How Can I Get My Kids to Do Chores?

  6. How to Help Siblings Get Along

  7. The Power of Positive Attention

  8. When Siblings Won’t Stop Fighting

  9. Why Are Kids Different at Home and at School?

  10. DMDD: Extreme Tantrums and Irritability

  11. What NOT to Do When Your Child Is Having a Tantrum

  12. How to Help Children Calm Down

  13. Why Kids Lie and What Parents Can Do About It

  14. What Parents Should Know About Risperdal

  15. What Is Oppositional Defiant Disorder?

  16. ADHD and Behavior Problems

  17. Are Time Outs Harmful to Children?

  18. How Can We Help Kids With Self-Regulation?

  19. How to Discipline Toddlers

  20. Choosing a Parent Training Program

  21. Why Do Kids Have Trouble With Transitions?

  22. How Can We Help Kids With Transitions?

  23. How to Make Time Outs Work

  24. How Anxiety Leads to Disruptive Behavior

  25. Quick Facts on Oppositional Defiant Disorder

  26. Disruptive Behavior: Why It’s Often Misdiagnosed

  27. Three Common Parenting Traps

  28. How to Handle Tantrums and Meltdowns

  29. Why Do Kids Have Tantrums and Meltdowns?

  30. Quick Facts on Intermittent Explosive Disorder

  31. What Are Some of the Causes of Aggression in Children?

  32. Do Autism Behaviors Have Medical Causes?

  33. School Mornings Without the Stress

  34. A New Diagnosis for Explosive Behavior

  35. When Should I Worry About Tantrums?

  36. My Child Is a Bully: What Should I Do?

  37. Quick Facts on Disruptive Mood Dysregulation Disorder (DMDD)

  38. Is My Child’s Anger Normal?

  39. Problem Behavior in Preschoolers

  40. Angry Kids: Dealing With Explosive Behavior

  41. Calm Voices, Calmer Kids

  42. How to Give Kids Effective Instructions

  43. Managing Problem Behavior at Home

  44. How to Head Off Behavior Problems at Formal Events

  45. Strategies for Managing Disruptive Kids

  46. The Most Common Misdiagnoses in Children

  47. Why Kids With Psychiatric Issues End Up in the Emergency Room

  48. Kids in Crisis: The View From the ER

  49. Why Parents Are Silent About Mental Illness

  50. Liza Long on Mental Illness, Diagnosis, and Hope

  51. Mindfulness in the Classroom

  52. The Family Gathering: A Survival Guide

  53. Breaking the Behavior Code

  54. Teens Self-Medicating with Drugs and Alcohol

  55. Improving Behavior in the Classroom

  56. 4 Ways Parents Can Help Kids Who Act Out

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