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How addiction to your smartphone affects your child's development?

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

"After a long day at home, the mother keeps her office bag in the bedroom. She uses her cell phone and remembers that she did not have time to answer her friend about her trip to Europe. Give. " What message did he receive? He scrolls through WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram without a list. At the same time, her little one, who waits all day to bring her in, talks to her mother about her best friend who has moved to the United States. He finally lets her talk, still hanging on to his cell phone. Feeling neglected. Cole, the child goes to another room and plays with his organ.

He feels forgotten and tries to get rid of emotions. "You'd be surprised to know the same parents who are worried about how long their child is on display. V hurts the child by adding it to the page. It 's a really sad fact.

This study, published in the journal Developmental Science, shows Like abortion and other forms of irresponsibility, the use of mobile devices can have a negative impact on the child's socio-emotional functioning and mother-child interaction. "There is a lot of noise in public. It has been observed that the use of mobile phones interferes with a healthy upbringing. Talking about our education for children is not just another axis but also plays an important role in their development." "I see a lot of mothers who are constantly at work, answering phone messages," says Sanyal. Phone with family and friends, cook and manage your kids simultaneously.

Take the time to try. Excessive use of smartphones often leads to irrational behavior, apathy and confusion in the daily life of the family. They sometimes face challenges in long-term focus. I see my parents on my laptop. Working, spending time on Facebook, WhatsApp and spending time with children instead of answering business bells during the holidays. Recent studies have shown that the amount of fluid in the cerebral cortex decreases in people who are frequent users of telephones and other types of digital media, with people who spend less time on them.

We know that there is less gray matter in this area. The brain affects executive functions such as concentration and attention. Adults It is important for adults to limit the use of digital devices for the mental and physical well-being of their families. Younger psychologists emphasize that children in one-time care feel better and more confident. Focusing on them is easy and reliable. This is a sign of isolation when the mother uses the mobile phone in front of the child. To be honest, it is impossible to stay on top of your 100 tools, but do your best to be fully present physically and mentally when you are with your child. We all turn to our phones to break the web. Our busy lives escape us a little, but become dangerous when we lose track of time. Technology is exciting and we humans are looking for it. But if spending time on the phone means being superficial to your child, engage in activities that help you have quality time with your children. Help them develop responsive people.

Know how mobile addiction in child can be treated through right engagement.

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